Find Answers To Commonly Asked Questions About How Solar Works and Why You Always Win When You Go Green.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will solar cost me? 

    Solar is not a cost – it’s an opportunity to invest in your future.

    The real question is, what will doing nothing cost you? Tens of thousands of dollars over the next two decades. If you qualify for financing, our solar install panels and equipment are installed free of charge, with no payments for 60 days (so you actually save money right away, often with a free month of power).

    Once your solar is locked in and 100% operational, it generally costs less than your utility bill, staying the same rate until it’s paid off – while your power bill would increase with inflation over time.

    What Happens to My Roof?

    Once you lock in solar, a site inspector will visit your house to take pictures and measurements to ensure your roof integrity. The next step is that the installers will come strap your system down to the roof.

    Our systems come with a 10-year penetration warranty for all of our panels and equipment, to protect you from possible leaks (which we have never had an issue with, but we guarantee your safety for your peace of mind).

    Who Repairs and Maintains My Solar?

    We offer you a 25-year industry-leading warranty on all panels, electrical equipment, and inverters.

    You are 100% covered for any and all equipment malfunctions, without a single penny in out-of-pocket costs for labor, repair, or service.

    What If I Move?

    We know that some homeowners will relocate and the solar stays with the house. But you’re still covered. Here are two likely scenarios:

    If you move within 10 years of buying solar, the new homeowners can take over your payments where you left off. They benefit from low power bills since the rates will have increased since the moment you went solar. This actually makes solar homes more attractive to buyers.

    After 10 years, more than 50% of your solar system will be paid off. You can simply roll the sticker price of solar into your home, then pay off the rest of your solar loan with the increase in money that you made from the sale. Fully paid off solar is extremely attractive to buyers, plus you get to reimburse yourself for the many years that you paid off your solar loan, rather than just paid in money to the bank.

    For people with PPA solar, this agreement can transfer to the new owner after 10 years.

    How Much Can I Make On Solar?

    Homeowners who go solar save $20,000-$50,000 over the 25-year payment plan for their solar install, depending on their needs.

    Once a system is paid off, you can get thousands of dollars per year in savings, for the estimated 50-year life of your panels! A representative will give you a more accurate quote based on the size of your home, and your energy needs.

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