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Your Power, Your Solar, Your Savings

Complete Solar Power System for Your Home

Customers will typically save between 20k-200k by going solar.

Complete Solar Power System for Your Home

Turn your utility bill into a savings account.

For anyone who’s ever been sick of paying endless bills every month – we’re here for you.

Going solar creates your own power, which is pretty cool. But it also gives you back your personal power, your money, those hundreds of dollars you were going to pay to the power company every month and get nothing in return.

  • Save money? Check.
  • Make Money? Check.
  • Easy? Check.

In a world of complicated financial decisions, we’re simple.


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Clean Energy For Everyone

You Have Options For Cashing In On Solar

At Titanium Solar, we’re passionate about helping you find the right fit to power your home. Every solar panel system we install is custom-tailored to the house, but we offer you options so that you can go solar no matter what your specific needs are.

We know that together, we can figure out the best plan of action to save you money and help offset as much carbon emission as possible so we can all live in a greener world.

Find out more about which of our plans best suits your needs.

What Are My Solar Options?

Solar Loan by Titanium Solar

Buy it!

Solar Loan

The most common way to buy into solar is to take out a solar loan to help cover the upfront cost of putting the system on your roof and start saving you money.

We work with the top financiers, who offer the best rates and most value for your solar needs. With most loan types, you will pay less with solar right from the start, then continue saving as inflation skyrockets the price of power while you’re still paying the much lower fixed rate of your solar loan.

Even better, as you pay down the loan you’re increasing the value of your home. It unlocks the ability for you to finally take back your power and pay yourself, rather than endlessly pay for utilities.

Solar Lease by Titanium Solar

Lease it!

Solar Lease

The reasons for leasing solar panels are the same reasons you might lease a car.

Leasing Requires Less Upfront Money.
You may have lower costs at the start to get solar onto your roof with a lease. People with poor credit, no downpayment, or who have a lower tax liability and don’t qualify for the Investment Tax Credit for owning their solar may benefit from this option. You might be waiting for newer solar technology to come out before you buy, or simply not be ready to commit to another loan.

The cool thing about leasing solar vs. a car is that there’s no mileage on panels – you get the ability to produce unlimited energy with zero penalties.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) | Titanium Solar

Pay less!

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Allow us to put our solar on your roof you don’t own the system but you now get access to cheaper power than your utility company.

A PPA is similar to a lease in that you get the solar onto your roof with no upfront costs, downpayments, or loans. The major difference is that you’re neither leasing nor owning your solar panels.

With this model, you can get our best solar panels on your roof, but we take all the responsibility for ownership. You sign a contract in advance that guarantees a locked-in low rate for you to buy inexpensive solar from our system, which will be much lower than buying power from your utility provider, especially over time.

Why Go With Titanium Solar?

Take control of your energy and go solar the smartest, easiest way.

With our proven track record and many thousands of happy families with successful installs, Titanium Solar has earned every rave review by continuing to provide the best service with flexible options.

Why will you choose Titanium Solar to help you go solar? You can pick your reasons from the following:

  • Save money with the best prices
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Peace of mind with the best warranties
  • No hassles with easy installs
  • Produce clean energy for your family
  • Reduce your carbon footprint