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You Have A Bright Future At Titanium Solar. As The Biggest Name In Clean Energy, We’re Always Hiring!


Cutting Edge Training

Access the industry-leading training in peak performance to learn how to execute with ease.


Expert 1 on 1 Mentorship

Hone in on your strengths with personal guidance designed to develop your expertise.


Tools for Shaping Your Future

Harness the top resources for your personal and professional development.

Tools for Future

Unparalleled Job Satisfaction

Join a team of people who make a difference doing what they love.


Why A Sales Career In The Solar Industry?

Help real people like you make the right choice and go solar.

Maximize your opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Solar sales is personally rewarding, as well as financially lucrative enough to set you up for a very comfortable lifestyle.

Personal growth and professional development.

Develop new mindsets and skillsets that help you maximize your success as a human. Connect with real people as you help them to overcome their own barriers and buy in to solar.

Leadership opportunities.

Put your motivation to good use, with financial and personal incentives for doing well. There’s plenty of room for growth and putting your skills to good use as you take charge of your future.

Help the environment while helping homeowners save money.

Every sale you make helps offset more carbon and fight against climate change. Helping homeowners save money creates a win-win for the people and the planet.

Fast-paced, success driven culture.

We arm you with everything you need to succeed, offering you a proving grounds to put your talent to good use. Our company culture is dedicated to the success of our team, celebrating your wins and lending support when you ask.

Why Choose A Career As An Installer In The Solar Industry?

Promising Future

American solar jobs have increased 167% over the past decade and are projected to play an even larger role in our future.

Career Stability

The solar industry is quickly gaining traction. Learning in-demand skills makes your career future-proof.

Prove Your Skills

With so much growth, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement for motivated professionals who are hungry to become even greater.

Why A Clerical Career In The Solar Industry?

Professional Development

Acquire skills for life in a fast-paced, growth-oriented setting.

Goal-Oriented Team

Join motivated, happy co-workers, to collaborate on company success.

Supportive Culture

We trust you to use your talents on the job, offering support whenever you need it.

Opportunities For Advancement

Grow with the company as we expand and promote from within.

Solar Careers

Help real people like you make the right choice and go solar.