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Why Go Solar With Titanium Solar?

Many solar companies are out there trying to get your attention.

But what if we got your attention by simply being the best at explaining, delivering, and installing residential solar power for you? That’s the philosophy behind Titanium Solar – become the best at delivering an outstanding customer experience every time. We do this by taking your needs into consideration, designing solar systems that consistently deliver renewable energy when you need it, and offering you options to fit your family’s needs.

While you can scout around the market and see what’s available, we have something truly unique.
We focus on you, the customer. We do only custom-tailored designs, each one adapted for your home. We use only the latest, cutting-edge technology. We offer options to include everyone on any budget. We deliver on everything we promise much faster than the competition – in under two weeks as opposed to six months.

In short, our goal is to earn your attention by becoming the best in the business and live up to our promises.

Titanium Solar’s Journey to Become a Top Solar Installation Company

We became the leading residential and small commercial solar specialists by listening.

The solar industry is filled with misguided salespeople who just want to get a cut of the growing business. But for you, the customer, the solar you buy now will last you for decades. We aimed to become the most significant customer-centric solar company in the US, providing world-class service and installation. Every time. No exceptions.

This goes beyond customer service.

We begin with a true education from representatives who are solar experts. We offer you a free consultation where they listen to what you want to get from your solar and collaborate to make the best recommendation for your personal needs. From there, we get you loan types that fit your budget and long-term goals. We install systems at an industry-leading pace, then follow up with all of our customers to ensure that you’re happy with your purchase.

Panel by panel, millions strong, with thousands of satisfied families, we grow together.

To us you’re more than a number. You’re part of a movement to serve and protect the earth. We ensure that you always have access to the best solar at the right prices. 

Together, we can save the planet by saving families money for families like yours when you choose to go solar. It’s a win-win for the people and the environment that everyone lives in.

That’s how we do business.

How Efficient Are Solar Panels from Titanium Solar?

Solar panels have decreased in price and increased in power. At Titanium Solar, we offer the most powerful solar panels in the world, so you can access the latest technology, which is warranted to last 25 years and projected to last beyond double that. The efficiency of the panels themselves varies by brand and power output, but we’re able to design irradiance maps, which, when your panels are installed, can generate 100% (or more!) of the annual kWh that your home uses.

We offer custom-tailored installs to meet your needs, with best in class guarantees, warranties, and service.

Our plans include owning or leasing solar panels with effective and flexible pricing to fit your needs. You can choose from a power purchase, where we install our solar on your roof using our dime and then sell you clean energy for a fixed rate; a solar lease, which reduces your energy spending and offers you the option to purchase your panels later on; or solar loans from a number of the top green financiers, where you flip your utility bill cost into a monthly investment by purchasing the panels for yourself.

The entire system is designed to be efficient, from when you inquire to when you look up on your roof and see your very own solar panel installation.

Enhanced Customer Experience With Fast Install Timelines

Some solar companies can take 6 months or longer to install your solar panels.

Can you imagine paying $40,000 for a new car, but you couldn’t drive it for another 6 months? Neither could we, so we came up with an efficient methodology for delivering and installing solar panel systems faster. It doesn’t cost you anymore to get better service, get hooked up sooner, and generate more renewable energy in under two weeks.

It’s just one more piece of the bigger picture that we wanted to change for the better.

Titanium Solar’s Industry Leading 10-11 Day Installs

When we first started listening to what customers were upset about with other companies in the solar industry, it was that they felt disconnected from the process.

Imagine this: a salesperson comes to your house, tells you about solar, collects $40,000, then disappears from the equation forever. You get a template to thank you email, and six months later, some install guys from a completely different company show up and install your solar panels. You call customer service to see if your solar is on now, and they say yes.

That’s a surprisingly common scenario. But not with us.

When our representatives visit you, they also become part of the process. We ensure that you’re always in the know because transparency is everything to us. We let you know how long your wait time is, strive to deliver and install your solar in 10-11 days, and then follow up with you as soon as your system is ready to go.

You’re more than a number, and you should be treated like a real person.

To us, solar is still exciting. Even after years in the industry and thousands of custom installs with thousands of happy customers, you’re new to us. We know that this is likely your first solar experience, so we’re here to make sure you know everything you need to and are supported at all times throughout the process.
It’s one of the reasons our customer service team rarely gets a call – we already know you’re happy because we checked in first.

Plus Even More Benefits

Getting the best solar at an affordable price, installed in 10-11 days, is an offer unique to Titanium Solar.

But there’s more. Our solar options offer you more benefits because we want you to love your solar and the process it takes to get solar on your home. We want you to say goodbye to expensive electricity bills forever. We’re excited to showcase flexible thinking in solar options that adapt to what works for you.

We offer solar options for everyone, including:

– $0 Down: because solar should be for everyone, not just the wealthy class

-Flexible Financing Options: from a power purchase agreement to owning your panels and paying them off at your pace

-Solar modules: top of the line photovoltaic panels from the world’s top producers

-25 Year Warranty: every element of your system is warrantied against defects and damage

-Optional Batteries: store your renewable energy with long-lasting batteries that can power your entire home

-Money-Saving Clean Energy: plans to save you tens of thousands of dollars in the coming years


Choosing a solar company can be a difficult decision until you see what Titanium Solar offers.

When you’re ready to be treated better with a customer-focused approach and have your and your family’s needs taken into consideration, we’re here to show you that installing solar can be an enjoyable, inclusive and painless process. With better features, faster service, and a team who cares about you, you know you’re getting the best experience coupled with the best solar when you choose Titanium Solar.

Book a free consultation today, so we can answer your questions in person.