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Why Go Solar In Georgia Right Now

The solar industry has experienced rapid growth over the last decade, but particularly in one specific instance, were two major factors intersect to make solar power the ideal choice for everyone living there.

Georgia, in particular, is a hotspot for solar energy systems, but why?
From Georgia’s high cost of energy from the power companies that top most other locales in the US to its widespread clear spaces and drastic sunlight, it’s the perfect place for you to cash in on clean energy. If you’re considering solar energy for your home in Georgia, read on to find out why the demand is increasing so rapidly.

Find out why the solar power industry is exploding in Georgia right now as we explore more in depth below.

Georgia Solar Potential

In 2018, a hefty 30% import tax on foreign solar panels left Korean panel producer giant Hanwha seeking an American factory that could create the same high-quality precision panels. They found their answer in Dalton, Georgia, where they can produce 10,000 panels per day.

This shifted the small town, once famous for producing carpets, into the global spotlight.

Using Georgia’s drastic clear skies and sunny days to good use in solar farms drew companies like Facebook, which is trying to become 100% renewable for their data centers. Requiring as much power as a small city, the tech behemoth saw a likely open space to store an unfathomable amount of computer information.

Sure, that’s fine and dandy for big businesses, but what about residents?

Georgia residents can still capture all that sunlight with their own residential solar installations. With the price of solar has dropped 70% over the last 10 years, and both local and federal government programs that may help cover a portion of the system cost by allowing tax breaks, there’s never been a better time than right now to create your own green energy.

One of the main draws to solar is saving money.

Georgia residents can generally acquire a solar loan to help front the cost of their system. They simply agree on a fixed monthly rate to pay back the loan over a number of years. Paying back a small loan over the next 20 years can be about the same or less than what you currently pay for your electric provider. But while those energy costs continue to increase every single year with inflation, your solar bank loans remain the same. This allows you to pay your own low fixed amount, even in 10 years when utility costs have skyrocketed and 20 years when you pay off your solar loan and your neighbors are complaining about the instance cost of power.

Georgia is also going through growing pains without adequate power for the people – which leads to increased costs. 

The burden of these costs is passed on to Georgia residents. A $157 million rate increase was approved and implemented on January 1st, 2022. This is one of many new changes and additions to your power bill that will help cover growth, expand nuclear plants to generate more power, and fuel cost riders, ensuring that taxpayers are covering the increased cost of natural gas, coal, and nuclear fuel.

Would you rather get solar and avoid all that mess, or get stuck holding the bag while your neighbors go solar?

Are Solar Panels in Georgia Worth It?

When you look at the financials of residents going solar, it’s always worth it on paper. Solar panel installations consistently outperform doing nothing and sticking with your utility provider – often by a margin of 300%-400% over 20 years.

Sticking with the electric company becomes 400%-500% more expensive in Georgia.

Georgia’s uniquely high power cost means you’ll pay more over time for your utility bills. Now contrast that with the remarkable amount of sun produced throughout the state. More sun means solar panels work even better, gathering consistently through long hours and clear skies to generate significantly more power than the US average for residential solar.

In that sense, getting solar panels in Georgia is always worth it.

But even more than the money you save by going solar is the impact you can generate in the place where you and your family live. Reducing the amount of electricity created by burning coal helps to clear the air, reduce pollution, and decrease your carbon footprint. Just your residential solar generating electricity over its lifetime is like the equivalent of hundreds of trees when it comes to improving air quality.

How to Go Solar in Georgia

Finding a good solar installation company is easier than you think. 

Titanium Solar offers Georgia residents a free consultation with personalized specifics based on your usage and your utility costs. Once you’ve decided you do want to go solar, we’ve partnered with the biggest solar loan companies in the US to offer you flexible plans for financing, depending on your goals.

In a matter of months, you could have solar on your roof, producing green energy and helping to ease the burden on your local grid.

It’s one of the smart investments that your future self will look back on and thank you for doing now. All you have to do is set up your own free appointment and chat with a representative who can perform a home electrical inspection and answer any questions you have.

Just remember, the local and federal tax incentives that will cover a portion of your system cost are decreasing until they’re gone completely. Get more covered by going solar now!


Georgia’s power rates are one of the highest in the nation, leaving residents to constantly pay more money for the same amount of power. It’s also a hotspot for sunshine, where solar panels enjoy better performance and gather more renewable energy.

Investing in solar energy allows you to gather that sunlight and stop paying so much money for utilities.

Getting solar is as easy as setting up an appointment, looking over the financials, and evaluating which types of solar are best for you. With multiple options and flexible financing, there’s nothing stopping you from getting solar today and ensuring that you get the highest tax incentives.